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Just For Squirrels

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Squirrel Diner
A feeder for squirrels, will help keep them away from other feeders. Made from steel with a green powder coated finish. Put in peanuts, seed, corn for squirrels. Hardware included. Can be mounted against a tree or post. Feeder will lift easily off mount for easy cleaning.

Squirrel Feeder Box
Squirrels will open the lid of this nicely made feeder by to get to their favorite treats. Fill with peanuts, sunflower, corn, or left over beef stew (not really). The lid closes to keep out rain. A handy plexiglass window allows for viewing contents and slides up for cleaning. Starting with the lid up helps the squirrel get the idea to life it on his own. A handy porch sticks out for the squirrel to sit on. Copper trim protects corners from chewing. Nicely made in the USA from long lasting cedar.

Squirrel Log & Hanger
Squirrels need to eat too. Keep them off your feeders by offerig their own meal. This nifty corn log lasts longer than regular dried corn cobs and the squirrels love it. Comes with an easy to mount hanger to hold the corn log. Never wears out and is weather resistant.
If you can't beatem, join'em. This fun item will let you enjoy squirrels while they eat your food. This clever feeder holds 4 corn cobs attached to four threaded skewers. Can be mounted to tree or post.
Corn Trapper Holder
The Squirrel Corn Trapper holds one ear of dried corn. Just slip one in and hang it up. Keep squirrels busy with their own food source.

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