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Before Entering

Before you actually enter, there's a few items outside you should check out.

First, you may want to check out our hours. We're open year round, but the hours do vary with the seasons. And be forewarned, the hours posted are the hours we go by. Why? Why not.

Next, you'll want to check out our events sign. Right now we're counting down to "Free Hat Full of Potatoes Day." (Check out about this yearly event from our home page.)

For a chuckle, see what our Joke Sign says. It's fun when people don't get that this is a joke. Once we said, "Tickets for the bridge to Martha's Vineyard sold inside," we had people standing in line.

It's kinda hard to buy seed loose, so we don't mind bags for that. But if you insist on a bag for something already packaged in a box or plastic, be prepared for the consequences.