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Bird Bath Accessories & Deicers

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Solar Birdbath Fountain Kit
Add a fountain to your birdbath in seconds. Operates in direct sunlight. Includes 2 heads, one for a bubbler effect, on for a spary effect. Moving water is a huge attraction for birds. Size is 9 inches diameter, 2 inches high.
Avian Birdbath Dripper Mister Combo
Moving water in a bath really attracts birds. This unit comes with a rock base and the dripper tube assembly. Just use the dripper or add the special nozzle to create a fine mist which Hummingbirds love. Comes with a Y valve to connect to your existing hose connection. Attach your hose to one side and the dripper tubing to the other. Comes with 50 ft. of 1/4 inch tubing. Everything you need is included. You adjust the rate of the dripper flow.
Super Ice Eliminator Birdbath De-Icer
80 watts maintains open water in sub zero temps. Looks like a natural rock and is paintable to match any birdbath. Safe for all birdbaths. Thermostacially controlled to operate only in cold weather. 18 inch cord. 3 year warranty.
Farm Innovators Bird Bath De-Icer
This unique cast aluminum design is hefty and will lie flat and stay put. It will not turn on until the temp falls below 35 degrees F. Safe for plastic or concrete baths. Runs on 150 watts. Three Year warranty.
Jiffy Pop 44 Watt De-Icer
We made up the Jiffy Pop part of the name, but that's exactly what this bird bath de-icer looks like. A simple aluminum foil covered heater that runs only on 44 watts. Will lie flat on the bottom of a bath, good for shallow baths. You might need a rock or small weight to hold it down. It is not thermostactically controlled, it will be on as long as it is plugged in. One year guarantee.
Water Wiggler
Moving water attracts birds like crazy. The Water Wiggler does this and at the same time prevents mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus from laying eggs in your birdbath. Creates ripples in the water to entice birds and deter mosquitos. No electric hook up and runs silent. Runs on two D batteries which will run it for a full season of continuous use, 24 hours a day. We tested it at the store and it is true. Batteries not included. Can even be used in a heated bath. One year warranty.
Bird Bath Brush
Does your bird bath look like the sink in a college dorm? You should really clean your bird bath more than once a millennium. This stiff 8" brush will make your bath look as good as new. Buy two and give one to your kid to take to college.

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