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Bird Seed & Feeder Room

After you've told your joke, you'll want to explore, heading out to the feeder & seed room you'll pass displays of gifty knick knacks, hand-painted ornaments, and our cool antique street lamp where you can hang out and pretend you're waiting for a bus.

As you enter our feeder and seed room, you'll be overwhelmed by the room full of feeders, baffles, bird seed, bird baths and accessories to go with everything.

Don't worry, we can help you pick out a cheap plastic feeder that will be chewed up by a squirrel in 5 minutes, or a complete squirrel-proof set up that will last so long you'll have to include it in your will.

Have fun bagging your own seed from the barrels, just like at a salad bar (except you'd use a plate for a salad bar, we hope). We'll also help you figure out what seed to get, despite your Aunt Edna's claims that birds love donuts.

Our seed also comes neatly jugged. If you live nearby, you can refill it; if you don't, it makes a dandy souvenir to keep dog biscuits in. Most of our seed also comes pre-bagged in 25 lb. or 50 lb. bags.

Along the right wall in the same room you'll find a big assortment of bird baths made from all types of material including cement, clay, ceramic, granite, plastic, and the miracle wonder stuff known as resin. (We've heard the next space shuttle will be made from resin.)