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Goofy Feeders & Suet Holders

These feeders aren't really goofy, they just don't fit into the plain, old boring tube category. All of these have been around for a long time and work great.

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Cutest Little Chickadee Feeder
This really is the cutest feeder ever. Will attract all small feeder birds, not just chickadees.. Measures 6 inches from dish to dome, 9 inches including the hook. The dish is 5 in. diameter with drain holes. You can put seed, meal worms, suet or fruit in in.
Blue Glass Feeder
This pretty glass dish feeder will attract a variety of birds. Can hold sunflower seed, thistle, jelly, oranges, mealworms, raisins, berries, nuts. Sturdy glass dish will not break in a freeze. Holder, 12 inches long, dish is 3 inches in diameter. Also comes in orange, shown below.

Made in the USA.

Heath Observatory Dome Feeder
Feeder birds will love this feeder. And most feeder birds do not leave in the winter, even bluebirds. They travel in flocks looking for food. Bluebirds will come to dried meal worms, sunflower hearts, & suet in a feeder. The Observatory Dome Feeder is the perfect feeder for any of these. Clear and easy to see the birds. Easy to fill and keep clean and has drain holes. The height of the dome is adjustable.

The Going Green Bird Feeder
Made from over 90 percent recycled plastics, but looks like a wooden feeder. Will not wear out like wood. Easy to fill and clean. Built in vinyl cord hanger. Carries the Going Green label. MADE IN USA.

Mesh Seed Ball Feeder
This cute mesh feeder holds black oil sunflower seed. Wire mesh makes it tough for critters to wreck. 6 inches in diameter. Comes with built in hanger and chain.


Soda Bottle Feeder
If you're too lazy to recycle, or too cheap to spring for a real feeder, just screw on an empty 2-Liter soda bottle and you have yourself a feeder. All parts are metal and cannot be chewed. Includes seed ports and hanger.

Hanging Recycled Platform Feeder
This hanging platform feeder is made for 90% recycled plastic. Open mesh design will attract all birds. Easy to clean and fill, nothing to open. Sturdy built in hanger. This feeder will last and last, nothing to fall apart or rot. Carries the Going Green label and is made in the USA. Platform size, 13 in. x 13 in. including the edge. Hangs down 14 in. from the hook to the bottom of the feeder.

Recycled Suet Holder
This suet feeder is made from 90% recycled plastic. Plus it feeds upside down, woodpeckers and other small birds like to cling upside down, many big birds do not like grackles & crows. Sturdy with built in hanger, it will last a really long time, nothing to rot or wear. Can hold 2 suet cakes to attract more birds. Carries the Going Green symbol and is made in the USA.
Suet Palace
Keeps out squirrels, grackles and starlings. Roof protects suet from weather. Small woodpeckers go in from the sides, large woodpeckers can cling and reach suet from bottom. Can be used by any size woodpecker. Small birds can go right in.
Upside Down Suet Feeder
Woodpeckers and many small birds love to cling upside down, but many big birds do not, like grackles and crows. Easy to fill from top. Made from long lasting cedar.

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