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Kid Stuff

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Raven Puppet
This great Raven puppet can be your new best friend. He's a really cool puppet with a lot of personality. He's pretty big, 15 inches long with cool beady eyes, dangly feet and flapping wings. The best thing, he only speaks when spoken to (if he starts to talk on his own, run).

Wild About Northeastern Birds, a Youth Guide
This really great book is actually great for any age. Targeted towards young kids interested in nature, this books has stunning photos, tips to look for to identify each bird, covers much data other books do not such as bird lifestyles, birding tips, special trivia, how and where to see birds, birding ethics. Includes basic backard, woodland and water birds found most everywhere. Easy to read short paragraphs. It is really excellent and fun! Softcover.
Bird Brain Teasers
Take this neat little book along on your next birding road trip for fun in the car, plane, train or camp. Filled with 320 pages of fun bird facts, bird quotes, bird puzzles, bird crossword puzzles, and bird games. Small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or backpack. A perfect gift for the birder in your life who has everything. Paperback.
"Chickadee & The Whale
A cute story and cute artwork by our very own Catherine Clark, aka Clarkie. A baby chickadee leaves his forest home to go exploring, meeting a variety of birds and wildlife along the way. He gets swept out to sea by a storm and is saved by a baby humpback whale. Did we say cute? Beautifully illustrated and printed. Hardcover.

Comes Autographed. For a special personalization, indicate this under "Special Instructions" on the order form.

Scramble Squares - North American Birds
Perhaps the most challlenging puzzle in the world and it's only NINE pieces! Perfectly match the pictures on the edges of the squares, forming a large square. Sound easy??? NOT. It may take you 5 minutes or 5 years. Note, the picture here is not of the solved puzzle, that would be cheating. If you do give up, you can go the the company's website listed on the package. Comes in a handy, small, resealable package. Finished size of puzzle is 12 in. x 12 in.
Peterson First Guides
This guide aimed at younger birders contains the same Peterson quality of detailed drawings along with easy-to-read text. Also includes bird watching tips. Great for a budding birder or adult who doesn't like big people guides. Covers 188 common birds of North America. Paperback

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