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Kid Stuff

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Owl Rescue Kit for Kids
This little plush owl needs to be adopted. You get this cute little owl and a guide to the world of owls, history and facts. Not suitable for under 3.
Compact Binoculars for Kids
These binoculars for kids ages 5 and up. They magnify 4x. Includes backyard identification guide.
I Love Birds Activity Book
Activities to do with kids to explore the outdoors and enjoy learning about birds and engaging them to learn about nature. Includes activities for every season.
Little Duck Finger Puppet Book
Put your finger in the back of the little duck puppet and make him come to life. Simple cute story of the little duck looking for a friend. Hard sturdy thick cardboard pages. The duck head is part of the book and his head is there through every page. 4 inches by 4 inches.
Pickles to Penguins Travel Game
A quick thinking party or travel game. Consists of two decks of cards. You must get rid of your cards fastest by figuring out what your cards have in common with the cards in play. Age 8 and up.
Balancing Eagle
Better known as The Amazing Balancing Eagle. Balances by its beak on the stand provided and even on the end of your finger. Mystify your friends. Wing span about 9 inches. For ages 5 and up.

Wren House Kit
Fun project to build with your kid. Easy to put together, only requires a Phillips screwdriver. Hanging cable included. This is a real, sturdy house that wrens will actually use. Lots of wren information on the box.

Birds of North America Card Game
For ages 7 and up. Includes 30 illustrated cards, one dice and instructions. Covers both true and false questions and trivia questions. Choose between Easy and Hard questions.
Memory Game - Birds of North America
Hmmm, what was I saying? Oh yea, memory game. This game has been the unexpected hit of the summer. You can learn birds from the great photos and improve your memory at the same time. Consists of 100 cards turned face down, then each player turns over two, trying to match the birds. Whoever matches the most, wins. For all ages 3 and up.
"Chickadee & The Whale
A cute story and cute artwork by our very own Catherine Clark, aka Clarkie. A baby chickadee leaves his forest home to go exploring, meeting a variety of birds and wildlife along the way. He gets swept out to sea by a storm and is saved by a baby humpback whale. Did we say cute? Beautifully illustrated and printed. Hardcover.

Comes Autographed. For a special personalization, indicate this under "Special Instructions" on the order form.


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