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Squirrel Proof Feeders

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Brome Classic Squirrel Buster
The outer mesh wire cage closes down from the weight of a squirrel climbing on it and blocks off the seed ports. Slightly smaller than the Buster Plus above. Does not need the 10 feet of space some squirrel proof feeders need. The patented ventilation system keeps seed fresher by allowing more air flow through the feeder. Will attract both clinging and perching birds. Dismantles easily for cleaning. Comes boxed and ready to wrap as a gift.

Brome Buster Mini
The only small, squirrel proof feeder we've seen. The weight of a gray squirrel shuts down the mesh layer, blocking the food supply. Does not need the 10 foot space some squirrel proof feeders need. Body length, 10 inches, length including hanger, 22 inches. Great for people with no place for a big feeder like a condo or small apartment. Boxed and ready to wrap as a gift. Only keeps out gray squirrels. Does not work on chipmunks and red squirrels who are too light.

Brome Squirrel Proof Thistle Feeder
Finally, a squirrel proof thistle feeder all set to go. Sure, you can add baffles or cages to a regular thistle feeder, but this is ready to go just the way it is. Does not need the 10 foot space some squirrel proof feeders need. The squirrel's weight closes down the outer cage to shut off the food supply. The food is blocked off and the squirrel cannot get at it. Add to this Brome's unique tube style which allows better ventilation of seed to keep it drier and fresher. One of the best new feeders on the market. Comes boxed. Will not keep out red squirrels or chipmunks.
Wood Link Mesh Feeder
This mesh feeder will keep squirrels out (not red squirrels or chipmunks). Will hold peanuts or black oil sunflower.


Feeder Tips to Keep Birds Safe & Healthy:

* If you go away, bring the feeder in; birds can get stuck in an empty feeder and die.

* The seed you saved over the winter will NOT be any good next spring, or vice versa.

* Do not put new seed on top of old seed. Pour old seed into something, put your fresh seed in the feeder, then put the old seed on top. This will keep the feeder cleaner and the old seed from getting yucky and moldy on the bottom which will make birds sick.

* Empty and dry your feeder out after a heavy rain.

* Take your feeder apart and wash the whole thing good in soapy water at least once a season.

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