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Christmas, Clothes & Kids

If you were in a daze heading into the feeder room and missed it, the Christmas Corner will be on your left as you come out. If you come in January, don't ask us if this stuff is 50 percent off, it's not - it's Christmas year round here.

If you're embarrassed about the spaghetti sauce stain on your shirt, you'll want to rush to the clothing room next. We have tee shirts, fancy cardigans, polar fleece, even sun dresses, all with bird designs.

Also back in the clothing room you'll find attractive prints along the stairway wall, along with other decorative items sporting our bird theme.

Along the landing is the stairway downstairs. If you parked out back, you would have come up these. If you didn't you're welcome to go down them and check out the parking lot. You might pass "Chippy" on your way down, he's the chipmunk we employ to keep the seed room floor clean. The rest of the downstairs is just storage and can be kind of scary.

Out of the clothing room on the right will be our kid's section. Get your kid away from the tv and out birding with his own binoculars and beginner birding guide; he'll thank you later when he becomes the next Roger Tory Peterson.

If you've ever wanted your own rubber ducky, here's your chance. You can even have a rubber ducky themed bathroom. We also have dancing roosters, calling loons, and even little red devil ducks for those with a devilish side.