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Bird Games

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Bird Spotting Opoly Game
Includes 6 cool metal tokens. Vibrant art on board is that of John James Audubon. Learn fun facts as you play to collect the most bird sightings to win. For ages 8 and up. Never experience another boring Saturday night again.


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Bird Bingo
For 2 - 6 players. 42 cards which also tell you about the bird, 6 player boards and lots of chips. Choose a bingo pattern, first one to cover their pattern wins.
Birds of North America Card Game
Learn bird facts and trivia. Questions on the back range from facts, true and false, and multiple choice. For ages 7 and up, two plus players.
Memory Game - Birds of North America
Hmmm, what was I saying? Oh yea, memory game. This game has been the unexpected hit of the summer. You can learn birds from the great photos and improve your memory at the same time. Consists of 100 cards turned face down, then each player turns over two, trying to match the birds. Whoever matches the most, wins. For all ages 3 and up.

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Sibley Flashcards
Learn to identify your backyard birds with the help of famous field guide artist and author David Sibley. You get 50 common Western and Eastern birds of North America, and one deck of 50 common birds found across all of North America. Each card features info on behvior and voice with colorful illustrations.
Pickles to Penguins Party Game
Get rid of your cards the quickest by figuring out what your cards have in common with the cards in play. A frantic party game where you link the pictures to win. It is a race to use all of your cards first. 528 double sided cards. For ages 8+, 2 or more players.
Scramble Squares - North American Birds
Perhaps the most challlenging puzzle in the world and it's only NINE pieces! Perfectly match the pictures on the edges of the squares, forming a large square. Sound easy??? NOT. It may take you 5 minutes or 5 years. Note, the picture here is not of the solved puzzle, that would be cheating. If you do give up, you can go the the company's website listed on the package. Comes in a handy, small, resealable package. Finished size of puzzle is 12 in. x 12 in.
Wing Span Game
The hottest bird game to hit the market. Created by birders for birders. Massive game for 1-5 players. Collect food tokens, lay eggs, play from hundreds of bird cards. Includes goal board, 5 player mats, birdfeeder dice, score pad, 170 bird cards, 26 bonus cards and way more.


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