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Goofy Feeders

These feeders aren't really goofy, they just don't fit into the plain, old boring tube category.

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Recycled Hanging Platform Feeder

Made from recycled plastic, this hanging platform feeder is sturdy and long lasting. Measures 12.75 inches by 12.75 inches. 2.125 inches deep. The mesh bottom will help drain water, is easy to clean, and keep seed dry. A nice earthy green.

Comes with attached hanging cables and hook. All set to hang and use.

Let all birds feed, the way we think it shoud be. Feed everyone!

Mesh Ball Sunflower Feeder

This cute metal mesh feeder will hold black oil sunflower seed. Nothing on it can be chewed. Six inches round with a hanger and chain.


Mason Jar Waterer

Tinted blue mason jar with a hanger and screw on tray base is a unique, pretty way to offer water to the birds. Not to be used in freezing temperatures!

Brushed Copper Feeder

Pretty brushed copper finish with glass tube. 16 inches high with metal cable hanger. Holds about 1 1/2 lb. of seed. By Woodlink.

X1 Seed Saver Feeder

Not really goofy, we just decided to put it here. This great feeder can hold meal worms for bluebirds or bird seed for other birds. You can even put oranges in it for orioles. The height of the top adjusts. A popular, versitle feeder.

Soda Bottle Feeder

Turn your empty 2 Liter soda bottle into a nifty feeder. Perches are metal so cannot be damaged by a squirrel. Comes with a metal hanger.

Woodlink Combination Feeder

Keep the stainless steel sleeve up and fill with peanuts in the shell or suet balls. Slide the sleeve down, fill with meal worms which bluebirds and other birds love. Durable metal, powder coated finish, with hanger.

Large Cedar Hanging Platform Feeder With Legs

Like we keep saying, feed everyone. This great platform feeder by Woodlink comes read to hang. Fill it with anything you want. Seed, Peanuts, Corn Cobs, even oranges for orioles in the spring. The mesh bottom can slide out for a good cleaning. Instead of hanging it, there are 4 legs you can unfold and just stand it on the ground or deck.

Small Cedar Feeder

Nice size for smaller spaces. Holds about 1 1/2 lb. of seed. Built in hanger. Plexiglass sides. Easy to fill. Made in the USA.

Large Cedar Feeder

Tapered plexiglass sides funnel seed down. One side comes out for cleaning. Holds about 3 lb. of seed. Long cable hanger. Nice well made traditional feeder. Made in USA. Made from cedar.

Deluxe Cedar Feeder With Suet Holders

Tapered plexiglass sides funnel seed down. One side comes out for cleaning. Holds a suet cake at each end. Long cable hanger. Nice well made traditional feeder made of seeder. Made in USA.


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Bear Proof Feeder

There really is a bear proof feeder on the market. Super heavy duty with 5 viewing windows to see seed levels. Has 6 perches. Weighs about 10 lbs., holds 3 1/2 quarts of seed, 25 1/2 inches long, 8 inches in diameter. Heavy top and heavy duty eye hook.


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