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Thistle Feeders

These Feeders Have Small Feeding Slits So Your Thistle Stays in the Feeder & Does Not Fall Out. They Will Attract Goldfinches, House Finches, Purple Finches, & Chickadees.
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Droll Yankee Mini Yellow Thistle Feeder

This cute thistle feeder has 4 feeding ports. Bottom can be removed for cleaning. Only 8 inches long. Can be pole mounted on our Universal Pole Kit.

Brome Squirrel Proof Thistle Feeder

Finally, the first squirrel proof thistle feeder all set to go. Sure, you can add baffles or cages to a regular thistle feeder, but this is ready to go just the way it is. The squirrel's weight closes down the outer cage to shut off the food supply. The food is blocked off and the squirrel cannot get at it.

Add to this Brome's unique tube style which allows better ventilation to keep seed drier and fresher. Dismantles easily for cleaning. One of the best new feeders on the market.


Check Out Detailed View of Quick Clean Base

Aspects 10 Port Thistle Feeder with Quick Clean Bottom

The Quick Clean Bottom of this Aspects Thistle feeder makes it a dream to clean. Old thistle should be rotated out before putting new thistle in.

Face it, not everyone does this. The old thistle in the bottom gets hard as a rock and moldy. It can make the birds sick. Simply push in the side buttons on this feeder and it pops right out to clean. Easy.

Pretty brushed, antique finish.

Droll Yankee Yellow Thistle Feeder

This pretty, yellow simple thistle feeder will get you tons of finches. All metal parts with a lexan tube, comes with the Droll Yankee lifetime warranty against squirrel damage to the tube only (not against raccoons or hurricanes).

Bottom can be removed for cleaning. A great price for great quality from Droll Yankee. 15 inches long with 6 seed ports. Can be pole mounted on our Universal Pole Kit.

Mesh Thistle Sock

Want to try using thistle before investing in a real feeder? You can start with a simple, mesh thistle sock. Just fill it with thistle and hang it up. Easy. Birds can easily cling on it. .

Weather Dome

Add a little protection from the elements with this Aspects Weather Dome. Has a hook on top and a hook underneath to hold any hanging feeder. Note: this is NOT, NOT, NOT a squirrel baffle. It will not keep squirrels out.



Feeder Tips to Keep Birds Safe & Healthy:

* The seed you saved over the winter will NOT be any good next spring, or vice versa.

* Do not put new thistle on top of old thistle. Pour the old into something, put your fresh thistle in the feeder, then put the old seed on top. This will keep the feeder cleaner and the old seed from getting yucky and moldy on the bottom which will make birds sick.

* Empty and dry your feeder out after a heavy rain.

* Take your feeder apart and wash the whole thing good in soapy water at least once a season.

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