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Tube Feeders

For Sunflower or Safflower or a Mix

Featured Item Description Price
Aspects 4 Port Quick Clean Feeder

This attractive feeder by Aspects has 4 ports. The best feature is the quick clean base. Just push in the buttons and the base comes right off for a good cleaning. Brushed antique finish.

A6 Droll Yankee A-6 Ring Pull Feeder

Has the Droll Yankee lifetime guarantee against squirrel damage to the Lexan tube. This new updated A6 features the new ring pull system. Simply pull out the center rod and the whole feeder comes apart for easy cleaning. Then, just put the perches back in and slide the rod back in.

Droll Yankee Clever Clean & Open 2 Port Feeder

Great new features from Droll Yankee. The tray is attached, just twist it and the whole bottom comes out so you can really clean out the cruddy seed that can build up in the bottom. AND the top flips open pressing a button for easy filling. Nice size with 2 ports.

Aspects Big Tube Feeder Gold

Antique gold finish. A really nice looking feeder. Large capapcity, will hold 4.5 lb. of seed, has special perches Cardinals will love. 4 inches diameter, 19 inches long. Has the quick release bottom to really clean it good. Also comes in Hunter Green.


We Do Not Ship This

Droll Yankee Green Tube Feeder Mini

Droll Yankee feeder in green. Has 2 ports and only 12 inches long. A nice, cute but durable feeder for folks looking for something smaller for smaller spaces

Droll Yankee Green Tube Feeder

Made in USA.
Droll Yankee feeder in green. 18 inches long. Nice looking simple feeder. 4 ports.

Droll Yankee Really Long Green Feeder

Large capapcity. 20 inches long. 6 ports! You need to keep your seed rotated in a long feeder like this.


We Do Not Ship This

Long Classic B7 Droll Yankee Feeder

Large capapcity. 20 inches long! A whopping 12 ports!


We Do Not Ship This

Weather Dome

Add a little protection from the elements with this Aspects Weather Dome. Has a hook on top and a hook underneath to hold any hanging feeder. Note: this is NOT, NOT, NOT a squirrel baffle. It will not keep squirrels out.



Feeder Tips To Keep Birds Safe & Healthy:

* If you go away, bring the feeder in; birds can get stuck in an empty feeder and die.

* The seed you saved over the winter will NOT be any good next spring, or vice versa.

* Do not put new seed on top of old seed. Pour old seed into something, put your fresh seed in the feeder, then put the old seed on top. This will keep the feeder cleaner and the old seed from getting yucky and moldy on the bottom which will make birds sick.

* Empty and dry your feeder out after a heavy rain.

* Take your feeder apart and wash the whole thing good in soapy water at least once a season.


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